There are 25 districts in Arunachal Pradesh and Itanagar is the capital. The state is known for its wildlife, Namdapha National Park, Bhagwan Parsuram Kund Madir and Mehao lake. It is an ethnically diverse state, with predominantly Monpa people in the west, Tani people in the centre, Tai people in the east, and Naga people in the south of the state. Arunachal Pradesh is known for the state of rising sun. The region is well known for its ancient culture.

Click on the District Name below for Religious Journey blogs of those districts.

Beauty of Arunachal Pradesh is in its 25 districts:

AnjawChanglangDibang ValleyEast KamengEast Siang
KamleKra DaadiKurung KumeyLepa RadaLohit
LongdingLower Dibang ValleyLower SiangLower SubansiriNamsai
Pakke KessangPapum PareShi YomiSiangTawang
TirapUpper SiangUpper SubansiriWest KamengWest Siang
Arunachal Pradesh

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